Advanced Readings in Computer Graphics

Ken Perlin
NYU Computer Science Department

Monday 7-9pm
719 Broadway, 12th Floor Conference Room
Spring '98

Prerequisite: G22.2270 (Computer Graphics) or equivalent

We will read through and discuss key papers in the last two decades of research in computer graphics. Some weeks we will concentrate on a single "difficult" paper; other weeks we will cover several conceptually interesting but less difficult papers.


Papers are taken from the proceedings of SIGGRAPH unless otherwise noted.

Ray-Tracing (2/2/98)

Rendering (2/9/98) Presidents' Day (2/16/98)

Visibility, Anti-Aliasing, Texture, Jello (2/23/98)

Natural Phenomena (3/2/98) Animation (3/9/98) Spring Break (3/16/98)

The Haar Wavelets, Multiresolution Painting (3/23/98)

Theory of Multiresolution Analysis, Subdivision (3/30/98) Surface Reconstruction (4/6/98)

Non-Photorealistic Rendering (4/13/98) Dynamic Simulation (4/20/98) Volumetric Methods (4/27/98) Vision (5/4/98)