Mosey: Motion Capture Playback and Cleanup

Mosey is a motion capture playback tool useful for playback and cleanup of raw motion capture marker data. Mosey is bare bones software, in every sense.

Mosey was written by Aaron Hertzmann and Matthew Brand. The source code is freely distributed for educational, research and non-profit purposes. Permission to use the library in commercial products may be obtained from MERL - A Mitsubishi Electric Research Lab, 201 Broadway, Cambridge, MA 02139.

Getting the Mosey distribution

The distribution includes the C++ source and executables for Windows NT and SGI IRIX 6.5.5, and a makefile for GCC. The software has not been tested on many platforms. These instructions assume that you are reasonably proficient with your chosen platform.
  1. Make sure that OpenGL is installed on your system. OpenGL is available from
  2. Make sure that GLUT is installed on your system. GLUT is available from SGI. On Windows, all you need are the headers and libraries.
  3. Download mosey from here: mosey.tar.gz.
  4. Unpack the archive: (On UNIX: tar xvfz mosey.tar.gz; on Windows, use Winzip, Cygwin or a similar package).
  5. Precompiled executables are provided for SGI and Windows 95/NT.

Building Mosey on UNIX

Once you have downloaded and unpacked the distribution:
  1. Download and build the GLUI user interface library v2.0 beta or later.
  2. Edit "Makefile" to point to the Makefile appropriate for your system (e.g. "Makefile.sgi" or "Makefile.gcc".)
  3. Edit the makefile for your system to point to the locations of the GLUI and GLUT libraries and includes, and fix any local compiler options as desired.
  4. Make the executable.

Building Mosey on Windows 95/NT with Microsoft Visual Studio

Once you have downloaded and unpacked the distribution:
  1. Download and build the GLUI user interface library v2.0 beta or later.
  2. Open the mosey.dsw workspace.
  3. Make sure the glut32.lib is in the correct path in the Input section of the Linking option of the Settings... menu.
  4. Build mosey.exe. If the compiler can't find other GLUT and/or GLUI components, you will need to make the appropriate changes to the settings (namely the input directories for the preprocessor and the linker, and making the DLLs available for the executable).

Quick start

To try out mosey, get an AOA marker file, e.g. from the Biovision website. Then run "mosey [marker-file-name]". This file does not include a skeleton; append this file to the dance01.aoa and run mosey to animate with a skeleton. You can also add a bone to the skeleton by right-clicking on a marker and then shift-right clicking on a connecting marker.


A brief User's Manual is available.

If you do use mosey, we'd appreciate a short email, just saying how you are using it. This will also enable us to notify you of any future releases or bug fixes. Comments and criticisms are welcome. However, we cannot promise to provide any support.

Aaron Hertzmann /
Matthew Brand / / 1 May 2000