Homework 2, due Monday, Sept 24 (before class time).

When you have finished the assignment below, post the working applet onto your class page, together with your "statement" describing your interests in the general topic of multimedia.

Programming assignment: Make a java applet that draws an alphabet. At a minimum, you should draw a glyph for each of the 26 capital letters 'A' through 'Z'. You can also, if you like, try the lower case letters and punctuation. You can also make it interactive, if you wish, allowing, for example, messages to be typed into your applet from the keyboard, which you then display in your cool font.

You can use any of the java.awt.graphics drawing methods (drawLine, drawOval, fillPolygon, etc.). What you cannot do is either (i) simply draw the characters with a built-in font via the drawString method, or (ii) simply load pre-created glyph images from a file into your applet.

Try to make your alphabet stylistically consistent, quirky, cool, beautiful. Give it personality. Use colors freely if you'd like. The only restriction is that a reasonable person should be able to tell which glyph stands for which letter of the alphabet.