Final project, due Friday, Dec 18.

I decided to give you a break for the Thanksgiving Weekend. :-)

For the remainder of the semester (this coming Wed Dec 4 is our last class), I'm going to open things up, and give you lots of leeway to create a more ambitious final project. I would like you to include texture mapping in this last project. You can also attempt to tackle advanced topics such as particle systems, radiosity, cone tracing, adaptive mesh subdivision, dynamics (force-based animation), character-driven storytelling, and fractals. I have gone over some of these topics in previous lectures, and I will go over more of them in our remaining lecture.

Over the course of the next week or so I am going to post various bits of code and useful links to help you with your final project. If you have some specific topics or techniques you'd particularly like me to post info about, please bring them up in class this Wednesday, or send me an email.