Introductory lecture (Sep 12)

In class we created a simple example of an interactive graphics program using the Java AWT library. You can download the latest version of the Java AWT library from

Your assignment is to make your own cool little interactive graphics animation - before next Tuesday's class.

By the way, to learn how to load a audio sound file (I used that capability in the sheep-herding game I showed in class) you can look at this simple example applet:
Also, if you want to draw or fill a polygon in java.awt, you need to create two arrays - one for the polygon's X coordinates and one for its Y coordinates. For example, this code draws a red triangle with a black outline:
   int X[] = {100, 200, 300};
   int Y[] = {300, 200, 300};


   g.fillPolygon(X, Y, 3);

   g.drawPolygon(X, Y, 3);