Homework 1 grades

Name Grade Comments
Koji Ashida 8 (error in computing of tp and d)
Lance Ball
Gang Chen 8 (error in discrim=0, does not store value to T)
Steve Chun 9 (does not consider the case b*b-4*a*c=0, return -1 bug)
Vadim Elkin 8 (Late 6 days)
Jonas Geduldig 10
John Golec 9 (does not compare whether t>0, so return error)
Jacob Hendrickson 9 (does not compare whether t>0)
Max Hrabrov 8 (worked together with Dimitry Karlin)
Tiffany Hsin 10
Hanan Jacob 8 (error in equation, does not judge the discrimnant)
John Kachulis 9 (try to compute root before compare disciriminant)
Akihiro Kamij 10
Dimitry Karlin 8 (worked together with Max Hrabrov)
Nishant Kaushik 9.5 (t>0? in the case of i intersection)
Kwangkeun Kim 10
Arvind Krishnappa 10
Daniel Kristjansson
Chan-Sook Lim 10
David Ma 7 (wrong use of direction vector, output t error)
Perrin Meyer
Ravi Mistry 8 (error in the equation)
Chris Mitchell 9.5 (does not return 1 when b*b-4*a*c=0)
Tomer Moscovich
Kavitha Neelapu 9.5 (does not consider the case of 1 intersection)
Bill Olik 7 (error in computing d)
Nieba Paige
Igor Pechtchanski 10
Alessandro Sabatelli 8.5 (does not judge the discriminant of equation)
Matthew Samuel 9.5 (does not return 1 when b*b-4*a*c=0)
Joseph Shraibman 7 (error in the equation1 and 2)
Andrew Smith 10
Yilyoung Soung 9 (error in return number of intersection)
Kiyoshi Sudo 9.5 (does not consider the case of 1 intersection)
Brian Sweeney
Fidela Sy 8.5 (does not compare whether b*b-4*a*c>0)
David Vogel 10
Jason Yung 10