Homework due March 19 is as follows:
We are now going to have a real client for our user interface!

Go on-line to Ali Mazalek's class page, look at the SWIKI as we discussed in class, study the PDF design document, and try to design interfaces which will be of maximal use for their process as her class designs, builds, experiments with behaviors for the plant robots. Your contribution can be in the form of on-line java applets, or it can be visual design studies with words and images and even short video sequence that you act out with your hands.

Try to place yourself in the mindset of the students at Georgia Tech, and ask what might be the most useful for them to have available to look at and to play with.

The code I showed class to control plants is here.

Below are notes from our in-class brainstorming about design ideas for the robotic plants. Feel free to use those as references from which to work.

Ideas suggested in the in-class brainstorming: