Setting up your web site to post assignments for this class:

If you don't already have a Courant computer account, then you can go to the following URL to learn how to obtain one:

If you already have a Courant computer account, and you don't remember your password, you can reset it by going to the passwords reset page:

Once you have your Courant web site set up, then to post assignments you should set up a subdirectory of your web site. Name this subdirectory "graphics". It should have a main "index.html" file, and that file should link to the various homework assignments. After the first class, you will send the grader an email, with subject line "graphics", telling him the URL.

In order to make sure your files have the proper permissions (so that the graders can read them), follow these instructions.

If you are on a Unix or Linux system (eg: you're on a Mac running OSX), one way to upload files from your computer to the NYU server is via the command line in a terminal window:

scp FILE

If you are on a Windows machine, you can either user the free program winSCP, or you can download pscp from

You can also log into your CIMS account, where you can then run Unix commands right there, such as create subdirectories. To log in remotely: